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October 2016

Down Down Down...!

[CC] Morathi a posted Thu at 19:33

Murder of Crows defeated Xavius HC! After a couple of wipes on Sunday (one with 0%!) we killed him on first try on Tuesday! Great Job to everyone! 

Nythendra (M) we're coming :) 

Guild Charter Update (Legion)

Liltrix a posted Tue at 18:37

Welcome, welcome, one and all to Murder of Crows. This is your potential future guild mates and friends speaking. If you are thinking of joining us in our war against the Legion please read the following before submitting an application to see if we are the kind of nest you are looking for.

So, what's it all about?

As we hunt Guldan and his foul demonic cohorts across the broken isles Murder of Crows are planning to attack in full force and be a competitive entity on our server. There are some solid foundations and core beliefs we are trying to take forward with our raiding in Legion so we can achieve the best possible results in the time we have while still having a laugh and blaming mages and hunters for pretty much everything. These are detailed below:

• As a group of friends, many of whom have raided together for years and some who are new to the Murder we aim to keep a mature and fun atmosphere in raids while pushing progression as best as we can - we don't all live in the same place, most of us have not met face to face, but if you join the crows you will make friends with a shared passion and a great community to be apart of.

• PVE raiding - we are not an "Every night, All night" raiding guild, we have set times, based around a mainly adult guild with family/work and other annoying real life commitments. Currently our raid nights going into legion will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 20:00 and 23:00 hours server time. We expect raiders to attend at least the Tuesday and Sunday raids (our main progression nights) with Thursday being there for the normal/old content runs.

• Taking preparation seriously - After having a great time in Hell Fire Citadel we really want to get the most out of each moment in raiding during legion. With this in mind we will be expecting all of our raiders to arrive prepared for raids! This will include level appropriate gear, all enchants, gems, consumables etc. associated with your character and to have watched or read the tactics guides for bosses posted in our forums.

• Some members play more, some play less, but the focus is on progression through PVE content. PVP activity is present sometimes, but if you are looking for a solely PVP focussed guild, you are on the wrong website.

• Having fun!

• Talking to each other (utter nonsense in guild chat is encouraged).

• Breaking the barriers that are put on a "non-hardcore" guild.

We are not about:

• Free loot/Gearing up alts
• A free ride
• "Is this [crap item] better than this [crap item]?"
• Boosting
• Rick Astley
• Cactus-up-your-ass progression

What are the people like?

The people are more than you if you are reading this. Friendly, approachable, non elitist. People out to have fun. Some are old, some are young, some girls(at least we used to have some), some boys, some are sane, some insane. We are part of the too-many-million strong community that plays this game. We're WoW players (read addicts).

*The following caveats apply:

Our tanks are: Surly, aggressive, sure of themselves, monosyllabic
Our healers are: Paranoid, twitchy, unsure of themselves, complaining about something called mana

OK, suppose all that sounds great so far, what about loot?

Over the years we have tried various raid loot systems and they all tend to have their own pros and cons as well as being fairly management heavy for those running them.

During WoD we have gone back to basics.

If when raiding an equipment item for your character drops and it is an upgrade you can roll for it, if your roll is the highest you win the item!

If another piece drops in that raid night and you and another person want it but the other person has not won an item that night then they will receive the item.

When a piece of loot drops and you are the only one who wants it (lucky you!) or everyone interested has won a piece of loot that night then you can roll for it again with the highest roll wining.

Set piece bonuses will always take priority when rolling for a set piece. For example a set piece drops and two hunters want the item. For one hunter it will make his 2-set for the other it would be his first piece. To help in overall progression the hunter needing the item for making his/her 2-set will receive the item over the hunter who would be getting the item as a first set piece.

We expect our raiders to be mature when it comes to loot and think of the big picture in terms of progression. For example if an item drops and it is a minor upgrade to you but a huge upgrade to a fellow raider then pass it on to them as this in the grand scheme of things will make the boss kills repeatedly easier and progression faster.

When it comes to vanity items (pets/mounts) we are using a reward system for those raiders who attend the majority of raids or post their reason for missing the raid in the forums.

If you do not let us know by posting in the forums you will receive a point for each time this happens (in this case points do not mean prizes!). When we do have a mount or pet drop those with zero points against them will have the opportunity to roll for the item, while those with points will have to wait until the members with zero have received the specific pet/mount. This rewards those members who turn up or keep the officers informed if they are not doing so.

There is a 10% buffer on this vanity reward loot system, so for example, a raider has attended 20 raids before the vanity item drops but they have failed to inform twice they will not be attending a certain raid. Because they have attended 20 raids in total their points are effectively reduced by 2 points allowing them to roll.

As stated above no loot system is perfect but we have found that by approaching loot rewards as stated and with a mature attitude we have the least amount of arguments while still gearing people and getting people those vanity items they loose their minds over!

What's the crack with the guild bank?

We have 8 tabs on our guild bank
When items are withdrawn, a fair amount must be paid into the bank. Ninja's are not very popular.
If you are not sure what a fair amount would be or if your rank doesn't let you take the wanted item, ask an officer.

Who are the Management of the guild?

Guild Master = Illysanna
Supported by The Crusty Few = Veroxa and Ultrazor
Supported by Officers = Liltrix, Grishmaw, Wolcan, Miggy and Morathi
Other ranks are:
• Officer Alts: DUH
• Mythic Raider: Those who always try and be top in their class. Raiders who regularly attend raids, post in the forums, let us know when they cannot attend, and are just all round solid raiders.
• Raider: The rank for those that are not quite Mythic Raider material, but still good potential raiders. Mythic Raiders who consistently underperform or start missing raids without informing the rest of us will also be demoted back to Raiders and have to earn their Mythic Raider status again.
• Social: Nice people, people not in Mythic progress team cause of XP, Gear, Skill
• Alt: DUH again
• Trials: Trials last for approximately 2-4 weeks before you either make the grade and become a raider or if not you will be offered a social spot which you are more than welcome to keep or use while you search for another guild.

Raid Times

Currently our raid nights going into legion will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 20:00 and 23:00 hours server time. We expect raiders to attend at least the Tuesday and Sunday raids (our main progression nights) with Thursday being there for the normal/Old content runs.

You are required to log on and be ready 15minutes prior to this time.

What does MoC expect of me?

• Read this charter before you apply and make a comment about THE COLOUR PURPLE in your application so we can see you actually took the time to read this stuff.
• A progressive attitude
• An ability to wipe without complaint
• Attending at least 2 main raids per week
• A sense of humour
• A love of Heavy Metal \m/ (insert whichever music taste you like here )
• If you like what you see, put in an application. Good applications will be considered even on closed classes.

Look forward to seeing you online

Kind Regards

Murder of Crows

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